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Purveyors of Pure

Purity drives everything we do. It not only describes the method from which all Brendel wines are made, but the intentions of the people who make them.
Leon Brendel
Purity also describes our Namesake, Leon Brendel. A man who in the early 1950s bought a small plot of land nearby to make wine his way. It wasn’t fine wine. Just great wine.

His name serves as a reminder to keep our intentions pure in the pursuit of making wine that stays true to our land, our roots, and most importantly, ourselves.
Leon Brendel
Napa Daisy Flowers
Truth in Terroir
All of our wines are free of any unnecessary ingredients and made with organically farmed 100% Napa Valley fruit. In short, we let the soil do its job and let the grapes speak for themselves, with minimal interference from birth to bottle.
the team
It takes a lot of talented people to make good wine.
Meet the people behind the wine.
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A New Kind of Napa
The Napa Valley has given us some of the best soil on Earth. But it’s also been described as a region of exclusivity. An area defined by fine wine and the people who drink it.

Luckily, we don’t make fine wine. We make good wine. Because while fine wine brings some people together, good wine brings everyone together.